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Our History

Since 2006, TawSaeng has worked with Chiang Mai’s most vulnerable and unprotected children.  All of the children in the program live in the dangerous red-light district of Chiang Mai and are at risk of being exploited or abused by foreigners or nationals. 


Many of the parents in this area did not attend school themselves and do not understand the importance education plays in protecting their children.  This results in more children staying on the streets to sell food, flowers or handicrafts, or dropping out of school to support their families, or being sold by their parents into the sex trade. 


Our team of dedicated Thai staff and international volunteers helps to provide a safe environment for children to come after school every day to receive help with schoolwork, learn English, life-skill development, receive nutritious meals, and Bible teaching.  In the fight against human trafficking, we promote prevention through education, family unity, the love of Jesus Christ and every child’s worth in his eyes.  

Our Ministry

Education & Scholarships

  • We believe education is key to breaking cycles of poverty and preventing exploitation and human trafficking. 

Mentoring & Discipleship

  • We believe walking step-by-step with others is the most effective way to help change a person’s life for the better. 

Community Outreach

  • We believe that showing love to our neighbors through is key to experiencing dignity, purpose, maturity, and many blessings in the kingdom of God. Shining the light of love put into practice.

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